Commercial Cleaning & Housekeeping

Keeping Your Space Pristine

Our staff can meet your cleaning needs, budget & schedule. We will help you maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment. GLS will thoroughly detail-clean and sanitize your entire facility with a focus on high contact areas that would be touched by members, guests, and employees. 

The safety of your members, guests and staff is our priority. 

Healthier Spaces – Healthier People

Our Comprehensive List of Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning & Disinfection For Covid-19

  • Adherence to CDC guidelines including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for GLS staff.
  • Use of an electrostatic* sprayer, pump or battery sprayer, or manual spray disinfecting.
  • Clean and disinfect kitchens, night kitchens, stainless steel surfaces, floors and all equipment.
  • Clean and disinfect, cabinets, desks, shelves, furniture, dressers, dresser drawers, closets, carpet, tile, etc.
  • Proactive cleaning and disinfecting of high touch areas including all porous and non-porous surfaces including items such as: light switches, glass, walls, floors, handrails, door handles, push plates, doors, showers, toilets, sinks, and dispensers.
  • Use of the highest concentration of EPA/CDC approved disinfectants (Microban, Keystone, Clorox).
  • Provide alcohol based hand sanitizer stations.
  • Provide touchless hand sanitizer solutions.
  • Increase cleaning and disinfecting frequency per clients needs.
  • Ensure HVAC filters are replaced.
  • Clean and disinfect trash containers inside and out. 

*Electrostatic Disinfection

*Electrostatic Disinfection is used to achieve a 360 degree, touchless disinfection using EPA approved products. Electrostatic sprayers change the charge of the particles in a solution or chemical. Like magnets, once the like-charged particles are sprayed they avoid colliding in the air or landing on each other, so they spread out evenly on a surface. This allows the applied disinfectant or chemicals to kill viruses and bacteria within minutes of use. It is a powerful tool used by our staff to attack microbes.  Spray and wipe is hit and miss, leaving whole areas not disinfected. With electrostatic disinfection, every surface can be coated in less time, using less chemical, achieving a better outcome. In a commercial facility, electrostatic disinfecting is efficient and effective in allowing for a greater response to viral control.

General Commercial Cleaning, Common Areas:

  • Empty all trash receptacles, replace liners, as needed, and remove trash to a collection point.                    (Client to furnish liners)
  • Clean and disinfect trash container tops.
  • Vacuum carpeting.
  • Clean and polish drinking fountain/water cooler.
  • Thoroughly dust all horizontal surfaces windowsills, chairs, tables, pictures and all manner of furnishings.
  • Damp wipe all horizontal surfaces as needed.
  • Dust mop hard surface floors with a treated dust mop.
  • Damp mop hard surface floors to remove any spillage from soiled areas.
  • Damp wipe entryway and clean fingerprints from entrance glass.
  • Inspect and pick up, as needed, building entrance area (interior).
  • Assist with cleaning House Director apartments and staff break areas & offices.

General Commercial Cleaning, Bathrooms (EPA/CDC approved products):

  • Stock towels, tissue, and hand soap. (Client to furnish)
  • Empty sanitary napkin receptacles and wipe with a disinfectant.
  • Empty trash receptacles and wipe if needed.
  • Clean and polish mirrors.
  • Wipe towel cabinet covers.
  • Toilets and urinals to be cleaned and sanitized inside and outside. Polish bright work.
  • Toilet seats to be cleaned on both sides using a EPA/CDC approved disinfectant.
  • Wipe down and disinfect shower stalls.
  • Scour and sanitize all basins. Polish bright work.
  • Dust partitions, top of mirrors, and frames.
  • Supply empty hand soap & sanitizer stations.
  • Remove splash marks from walls around basins.
  • Mop and rinse restroom floors with a disinfectant.

Dining Room, Common Areas & Night Kitchen

  • All trash receptacles are to be emptied and trash removed to a collection point. (Client to furnish liners)
  • Dust mop hard surface floors with a treated dust mop.
  • Damp mop hard surface floors to remove spillage from soiled areas.
  • Clean and wipe tables and chairs.
  • Spot clean walls near trash receptacles.
  • Clean fronts, tops, and sides of trash receptacles with a disinfectant as needed.
  • Clean and polish drinking fountain/water cooler.
  • Damp wipe counter tops to remove coffee rings and spillage.
  • Clean and sanitize sink (if applicable); Client responsible for dishes/silverware/food storage containers.
  • Spot clean cabinets and exterior of appliances to present a neat appearance.

Quarterly/Semester/Summer Cleaning:

  • Machine scrub, rinse, and apply finish to composition floor covering areas that show excessive wear.
  • Remove fingerprints and marks from around light switches and door frames.
  • Wax or polish hardwood floors as needed.
  • Vacuum all upholstered furniture.
  • Power scrub, clean and sanitize bathroom floors, scrub showers and tile floors.
  • Professionally steam clean carpets.
  • Clean laundry rooms.
  • Clean dryer vents.
  • Clean exhaust fans.
  • Clean and sanitize trash containers.
  • Snake bathroom drains for blockages.
  • Damp wipe common area walls for stains.
  • Clean and sanitize beds/mattresses, house director & dorm rooms.
  • Window washing.
  • Clean-up after summer construction/renovation projects.

Staff & Customer Hygiene Solutions

Success Story

“Greek Life Services provides overall management for Phi Sigma Rho Sorority – Purdue which encompasses accounting, food and kitchen management, operations and property maintenance. They are always effective, knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous. It is a joy to work with them.”

-Brenda Harmon, House Director, Phi Sigma Rho – Purdue University.