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Greek Life Services offers facility management for fraternities and sororities, including catering,  accounting services and property management.

Food Service & Catering

Food Service & Catering with our professional kitchen staff. Build meal plans & see sample menus.

Property Management

Over 20 years experience to help maintain your Greek facility and improve it for your members.

Commercial Cleaning & Housekeeping

We will help you maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment with our  housekeeping services.

Accounting Services

Non-profit accounting and bookkeeping for your fraternity or sorority chapter.

Services to Meet Your Needs

We offer a wide range of services and will work with you to tailor to the needs of the local chapter and house corporations. Some of our chapters find the bundling of services appropriate for them while others prefer that we help them solve a specific problem.

Property Management

Your fraternity or sorority’s building is one of the biggest selling points for new student members, but maintaining your Greek facility can be difficult to do when having a busy schedule. Greek Life Services provides you with a management partner who understands how to manage your chapter facility.

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